Advanced Google Search

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Google is a great Internet search engine, but sometimes it is hard to find the webpage that you're looking for. With the number of web search engines out there and the number of indexed web pages on the Internet, it is no wonder that it can be hard to get an accurate search. Learning how to do an advanced Google search – one that will get you the results you want without pages and pages to scroll through – is an art as much as a science. It isn't just a matter of choosing keywords to search for, but of thinking like a web designer, as Brian Scott from Azzuro Blu now explains.

One of the best tricks I ever found for advanced Google searches was to think exclusively. In other words, you want to do an Internet search that will rule out all the pages that you aren't looking for. If, for example, you are looking for a particular friend with a common name, you search for his name along with something only he would know. You can search for a phrase that he might include in his blog, the name of his street, or something else that is unique to him. Don't spend a lot of time looking through each search either. Look for the first page or two and, if you don't find that friends, try another advanced Google search. You can always come back later and digs through pages and pages.

This brings me to one of the most important lessons I've learned about the advanced Google search: if you don't find something in the first page or two, you probably aren't going to find it. There may be several hundred Google pages out there of results, but many of them will be simply around to divert your search and try to get traffic from you. You can usually tell because the sites have lists of keywords that pop up when you do a search engine query for them. They might, for example, have long lists of common names, or links to all sorts of expert websites to make them look like they have information that they don't really have.

Although many people prefer to do an advanced Google search, a lot of folks like to use another tool: meta search engines. Unlike advanced Google searches which only look through one search engine, meta-searches look through several or even dozens. They then compiled the data to get the best search possible.