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The tent is a roof over your head containing, sheets of material, attached to an edge of poles. Tents are of different size and shapes.

All advanced tents are designed for fast deployment. Every type of shelter comes in a range of regular sizes and specifications. Tents are used as fun campers, militaries, and tragedy victims.

Tents are preferred by the military for their quite quick setup. By World War, larger designs were being arranged in back areas to afford shelter. You can also browse the web to get more information about Military Tents Shelters and Military Grade Tents for Sale by

Best Tents for army and military: – Best does not mean compare itself to a high price tag. It’s all about quality of the product. Buy that tent that catches your eye. Choose the best tents for your needs. Don’t go for that

Choose the best tents for your needs. Don’t go for that one which are light in weight, less in performance in those areas where you want to go. Buy that material in tents which are waterproof through which rainwater can’t easily enter the tent.

Use of Fabrics: – Fabric is the most important term for buying a tent. The tent is only depending upon the good fabric. Cotton canvas fabric is one of the best fabrics for tents. Cotton fabrics are useful and work

Types of tents:

Pyramid tents

Avian tents

A-Frame tents

-Waypoint tents

-Dome tents

Pyramid tents: – They are the very first tent designs. They are having no tent poles on their own. They are of very little structure. These tents are of light weights.

Avian Tents: – They are having two or more vertical poles. They are used for light weather conditions. They have no floor and having very little structure.

A-Frame tents: – They are of A shape which are committed to the ground with stakes, making a long triangular shelter.

Waypoint tents: – They have two shaped holes that holds the body of the tent properly.