Attune Knee Lawsuits Lawyer

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DePuy Synthes released a leg replacing, known as the Attune Leg, that didn’t meet patient goals and didn’t provide an enough treatment for the conditions it was designed to address.

The operative glue used to repair these devices to a patient’s tibia bone didn’t function properly, creating these devices to are unsuccessful. Attune Leg premature failures cause lack of mobility and outstanding pain to patients with these devices.

The Attune Leg device’s functional concern is because of the simple surface that mounted on a patient’s tibia bone. The top is too even for the medical glue to effectively carry it set up. You can browse to know more about the DePuy attune knee lawsuit.

Product manufacturers have a legal responsibility to ensure their products perform as publicized and supposed, use constant creation techniques to ensure persistence in every product, and offer customers with enough instructions for use and security warnings.


A knee replacement treatment is an intensive surgical process. Cosmetic surgeons take away the patient’s leg joint and affix an artificial alternative, usually created from steel, ceramic, or durable clear plastic.

The doctors must then take away the bottom level of the patient’s femur and the very best of the patient’s tibia bones and replace them with accessories that match the new unnatural joint.