Australian Made Aluminium Boats

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In Australia, marine industry is the major contributor of wealth in the country and a huge service provider to various industries. The industry comprises boat manufacturers, ship builders, manufacturers of marine equipment and products.

Among the boat builders, the aluminium boats builders from Australia are very popular. Since 1960, these boats have been introduced in the market and a high selling. A research has shown that by adding silicon and magnesium in the process of manufacturing aluminium helps to prevent the degradation of aluminium in sea water. There are many other reasons why one should purchase aluminium boats over other boats:

  • Lightweight:- They are light weight in comparison to steel boats, thus can be carried easily in water. It is obvious that they are easily transported even by a trailer.
  • Long-lasting:- Aluminium metal is long lasting. The wear and tear of the body of the aluminium vessel is less, thus making a worthy investment for the owner. The re-sale value of such boats is much better than boats made of other materials.
  • No paint cost:- some people do paint aluminium boats, but it is absolutely not necessary to paint inside it. Even if left unpainted, it is easier upkeep the vessel.
  • Strength:- Aluminium is much stronger than steel and thus can withstand great force before it distorts. It can bear the harsh sea or the scraping on rocks.
  • Availability of the metal:- Aluminium is available in abundance in the earth’s crust. New reserves of the metal are continuously being formed making it inexhaustible.