Benefits Of Private Property

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Personal property is more than just the property that you have under your home or the land you have on your farm or ranch.

Personal property is also the intellectual thoughts you have in mind, the writing that you write in a book, the content you believed up with your mind and printed on your blog.

Private property can also be the creations you thought up, the products that you invent and things like applications, websites, and layout work.

All this is your very own private property. There is a great deal more but for this post, we’re staying with these property descriptions. You can also see different types of¬†new condo launch through¬†



And you’ve got the rights to your property and that’s the reason we have the best patent laws and copyright laws in the world.

You’re not likely to hear this on the news and you’re not likely to be studying this at the big papers.

Remember always that whenever there’s an enormous story being awakened in the media and press, the one that all those politicians argue over and get us worried about our eyes and ears do not look at anything else.

The bigness of those political conflicts shield the politicians out of us seeing what other bills and laws are being passed without us knowing about it. All administrations do this. This post isn’t a partisan post.

This is a post that ALL bloggers, middle-class Americans, inventors, scientists, poor people, authors, small business owners and anyone who’s an entrepreneur should listen to and call your elected officials first thing Monday morning or the next day they’re open for business. Let them know that you understand about H.R.1249 America Invents Act and it’s a job destroyer, it’s unconstitutional and will hurt innovation.

The White House, as well as many of those ‘tenured’ Republicans, are working with some of the largest multinational corporations to modify our patent system to become like Europe and Japan.