Best Weight Loss Clinic in Rocklin

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Planning weight loss vacations couldn’t be easier, thanks to the weight loss retreats offered by Rocklin weight loss clinic. If you’ve been under the impression that the idea of “weight loss vacations” is nothing more than an oxymoron, you’ll be amazed by the luxuries provided at rocklin weight loss clinic.

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Prospective guests planning weight loss vacations can choose between the Luxury Loft packages by the ocean in Carlsbad Bay, or the Tuscan-style villa of the Luxury Estate packages up in the hill country above Rocklin. Arrive at either destination by limousine, and settle in to enjoy the offerings of Rocklin weight loss Clinic.

The Luxury Lofts offer several levels of packages. The Premium Luxury Package costs $2000 for the first week, $1800 per week for weeks two through five, and $1600 for each additional week if you prefer a private luxury room.

If you look forward to bonding with a roommate as part of the experience, the price is several hundred dollars lower for each week. Either way, you’ll enjoy one-on-one fitness coaching, personal coaching, nutrition counseling, psychological counseling, and a one-hour massage every week. The Deluxe Package at the Luxury Lofts includes a more frequent schedule with the various personal coaches, as well as additional spa treatments and massages