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Place pillows by the areas where your child can escape the toddler bed. Your child is bound to explore her new surroundings, which may include running out of the bed or trying to climb over the toddler rail. It's wise to plan ahead by putting pillows in the areas where she's most likely to land. This will provide peace of mind for you and your child. As she becomes more familiar with her bed and you become more comfortable with the possibility of her leaving her crib after bedtime, you can remove the pillows.

It makes me nervous, but that was my thought. He seems pretty content. The reason I'm wondering about the Montessori bed is that we ARE starting to think about a second, and if he's still happy in a crib at three, I dont want to push him out at 2 1/2 to make room for a baby. I also wondered if having a baby in an open” bed from the beginning would change the equation on power struggles and boundaries.

Remove the dropside from the crib. The dropside is the side of the crib that hangs lower than the rest of the crib. In some models, the dropside can slide off the rest of the crib. For all other models, tools will be required to remove the dropside. This can usually be done by removing some screws; however, some cribs are more complicated. Consult your crib's instruction manual before removing anything from the crib.

Standard full size crib uses standard full size crib mattress (minimum 27 ¼ x 51 5/8” thickness no more than 6”). Space between crib spindles: 2 1/8”. Dual-Stationary Sides. Meets all applicable federal regulations. Simple three-step assembly. Made from solid Western Maple using Mortise & Tenon construction. Available in Arts & Crafts design. Changes into Youth Bed with available kit. Casters available.