Extreme Adventures To Do In Thailand

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The activities in Thailand are not limited to visiting temples sightseeing and eating street food. For adventure lovers there are different types of activities there too that range from skydiving, bungee jumping to swimming with whales and so on. Some of the most popular adventure activities are:


1. White Water Rafting

There are a lot of rivers where tourists go for water rafting. Most tourists consider rafting as lifetime experience. There are levels of rapids you can choose from. Anyone can pick from level 1 to 5. 5th level is where the most dangerous rapids are. Most of these rapids are set in forests, bamboo camps, flowing rivers and wild animal.

2. Scuba Diving

One of the most popular thrilling activities is scuba diving with white whales. It is very exciting to swim with 30 feet big marine animal. This activity is closed from mid of May to mid of October so the best time to scuba dive is from February to April. There are more chances of seeing a white whale in these months as well.  This activity is offered in most of the national marine parks of Thailand. You can avail discount if you have Thailand hellfire pass tours.

3. Skydiving

The main reason tourists prefer to experience this extreme adventure in Thailand is because of the good weather all year round. Skydiving is conducted every day and you have a lot of options when it comes to the company you want to go sky diving with.

These are top activities for that adventurous people in Thailand.