Hair loss Remedies – It’s Time to Get Out of the Mess

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There are dozens of online shops and pharmacies which sell the best hair loss remedy, hair loss treatment or hair loss product.

The problem is that they all sell various products at different prices (usually exaggerated ones). Here's a list of the most frequent hair loss therapies.

We suggest you go over the record before spending more money on well-marketed hair loss medications:

1. Propecia – Propecia is the most popular hair loss remedy. Propecia is the primary hair loss remedy to be approved by the FDA. It is estimated that more than 1.5 million American have already been using it since it was introduced in 1998.

Propecia works on a pattern that reduces the amount of DHT (A chemical which causes baldness ). In over 80% of the cases this hair loss product functions well – hair loss is stopped and new hair is grown.

2. Rogaine – It includes Minoxidil which was proven to prevent hair loss. It's effective for hair loss in women and men both. This hair loss treatment is sold as a liquid cream that should be applied on the scalp. Be aware of some drugs like Taxotere that cause permanent hair loss. Many people filed a lawsuit against Taxotere via

3. Revivogen- It is made of organic ingredients which have been demonstrated to prevent hair loss and regrow hair.

Do not get frustrated by your own hair loss. There are effective hair loss remedies in the market. Just try one and you'll get convinced soon after beginning to use it. Good luck in stopping your hair loss and re-growing new hair.