Helpful Tips To Help Your Sleep Quality

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Getting a good nights rest is imperative to being the best you each day. Sleep helps to reset the body and mind, as well give you energy for the following day. When we don't get enough quality sleep it can cause brain fog, forgetfulness, low energy and moodiness. Here are some tips I have found helpful to achieve more quality sleep.

Before hitting the hay you want to make sure your mind and body and ready for sleep. Try and limit your strenuous work outs to early morning or in the afternoon. Certain exercise regimes can boost energy levels, however this is not helpful if you have to be alseep in a few hours. Try doing cardio and strength exercises in the morning and restorative exercise in the evening such as; yin/restorative yoga, meditation or light stretching. You also want to turn off all electronics in the bedroom such as televisions, computers and even your cell phone. Studies have shown these objects stimulate the mind and make it hard to fall asleep. Using a sleep mask can be helpful to block out unwanted light and keep you asleep longer. It took me a while to get used to sleeping with a mask but now I carry one in my purse for sleep emergencies.

Keeping your room at a cool temperature is also helpful to keep you comfortable throughout the night. If you're like me, you've had your moments when you wake up covered in your sweat, uncomfortable and sometimes unable to get back to sleep. It's recommended to keep your bedroom temperature around 60-67 degrees. If you continue to have trouble sleeping I would recommend getting a new mattress. So many people sleep in beds that do not properly support their body and over time start to develop alignment issues from sleeping in uncomfortable positions. Alignment issues can cause muscle tension, joint pain and pinched nerves. If this is something you suffer from you should make an appointment with your local San Diego Chiropractor. Many San Deigo Chiropractors have been able to catch alignment issues before degeneration occurs and becomes arthritis.

Remember sleep is essential to your health! Do what you can to create a comfortable sleep environment free from distractions. You deserve a good nights rest!