How To Become A Property Lawyer?

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With so many law dramas on TV, you may be wondering what it takes to become one. Especially when you consider how easy they make it look! While the road to become a lawyer is defined, it’s definitely not easy.

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Here are some points that show you how to become a property lawyer.

1. Getting into Law school

If you watched ‘Legally Blonde’ you probably know that you need to take the LSATS. A high score in this half day exam can get you into a good law school. It’s important to remember that you can’t take this gruelling exam right out of high school. You need a bachelor’s degree before you can start down the long road to ‘lawyer-dom’.

2. Becoming a full-fledged lawyer

After passing the LSATS and getting into law school, you need to get a ‘Juris Doctor Degree’. This generally takes 3 years. At this point, you can opt for real estate classes, which will prepare you to practice real estate later on. During your time at law school, you will need to gain ‘clinical experience’ too, which means working as interns in law firms. Then, the Bar Exam follows, which will determine if you can actually practice as a Lawyer.

3. Specialise

You may choose to specialise in a certain field of law. To do this, you can continue your education and gain a Certificate or an LLM (Master of Laws). This isn’t essential, though it may give you additional career opportunities.

4. Work, work, work

Once you have fulfilled all the career requirements, all that’s left is actually practicing the law! This may include;

  • Drafting a contract of sale
  • Reviewing leases or mortgage documents
  • Discussing property contract provisions

Though you should get a license before you do any of these things!

In the end, it may interest you to know that property lawyers don’t need to spend a lot of time in court!