Introduction About Benefits of Breastfeeding

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Many expectant moms are advised about the advantages of breastfeeding, however, most do not just realize the number of added benefits both mom and baby gain out of breastfeeding. This list will surprise some moms.

Unlike baby formula, breast milk is a living material, filled with mom’s antibodies, enzymes, and protein. Infant formula will not shield your infant from disease or disorder, however, your breast milk will.

Nowadays, there are lots of breastfeeding bags are available in the market; you can consider that to store milk. It is the best way while we are working and doing so much work.

So we can store mother milk in the bags which are available in the market at a very reasonable price. You can search online to get more info about ‘good quality breastfeeding bag’ (which is also known as ‘ถุงนมแม่คุณภาพดี’ in the Thai language).

Additionally, unlike breastfeeding milk varies consistency during your children’s growth; in actuality, the breast milk that you supply varies consistency throughout the feed! Your breast milk is formulated for your kid; no girl’s breast milk is precisely the same.

Colostrum – frequently known as the ‘first milk’ – is a more focused type of breast milk and also can be the very best thing you can contribute to a newborn. The advantages of colostrum cannot be overstated. Colostrum contains immune cells which kill and neutralize most germs which could damage your child.