Life After Depuy Knee Replacement

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Managing your pain is also quite important during the first stage of recovery. Painkillers can be useful for this, but people never want to grow depending on pain kill pills to help them deal with pain. Other drugs sometimes prescribed by doctors include antibiotics to prevent infection and blood thinners to prevent possible blood clots.

In the first days after DePuy knee replacement surgery, you will be wearing pads on your knees, as well as gutters to remove fluid buildup. You are qualified to file a knee lawsuit via if you are not well after knee surgery.

Most of the time, patients will stay in the hospital for between three and seven days, but that depends on the patient. As long as you can get in and out of your own bed, bend your knees to a 90-degree angle, stretch your knees, then they will likely let you go.

They also want to make sure you can use crutches or walking aids on a flat surface and you can climb stairs with them. You must also remember to do the exercises given to you by the hospital’s physical therapist.

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Chances are that you will need someone to help you around the house the first few weeks after DePuy knee replacement surgery. Make sure that you keep your wounds clean and dry, and don’t take a shower or take a shower until the staples or stitches are removed.

Be careful with all normal daily activities, and do it slowly. If you have side effects that you believe can come from your wound, surgery, or medication, then you should immediately contact your doctor.

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