Majority of Tasigna Patients are in the United States

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As a European-based firm, Novartis might assert they did not warn patients at the U.S. of Tasigna cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis risks because we simply represent some of their worldwide sectors. If you or your loved ones suffering from Tasigna side effects you can simply visit:

Sadly, this debate also does not step up, as a vast majority of all Tasigna's earnings come from North America, using the single largest patient group located in the USA.

Based on Allied Market Research, North America, and the USA, dominate the international market for cancer drugs on account of the number of pharmaceutical firms based here or performing research here, in addition to the access to health insurance and disposable earnings to be able to deal with people in need.

So, interestingly, Novartis decide to not frighten their single most significant market about the hazards.

The last possible explanation for Novartis not warning U.S. sufferers of Tasigna atherosclerosis dangers is that lots of men and women expect, and have grown to take, important side effects from cancer medications.

After all, once you're trying to treat cancer, you ought to be forgiven for sometimes causing a few embarrassing, but non-fatal unwanted effects, right? We often point to the unpleasant effects of chemotherapy and inquire, “what is the solution?"

And, like the success rate of cancer treatment improves, patients should not need to take beating cancer simply to be abandoned with all the ill effects of the treatment.