New Cell Tower Lease: What Is a Property Owner’s Bargaining Power?

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Cell tower rent negotiations rely closely after the distinctive characteristics of the suggested cell tower location engaged and, subsequently, the particular property’s recognised value is to the cellphone carrier or tower company your perceived value differing from site to site and cell Tower Company to cell Tower Company.

There are many factors that require to considered in negotiating with these businesses, including

1)the characteristics of your premises or building such as how high is your building in accordance with the adjacent structures in your immediate area or will your land contain topography features that distinguish it from others in the areas; If you want to learn more information about the cell phone tower land lease, then you can click: – The World’s Largest Land Marketplace

2) What options does indeed a cell tower company have when it comes to other properties or properties in the region with an identical design and zoning classifications: and

3) Does indeed your premises provide sufficient space for a cell tower company never to only to build a tower but enable possible expansion in the foreseeable future?

So with all that said inevitably, a landowner’s bargaining ability and leverage in discussions is likely to be immediately related to your options that a cellular phone carrier or tower company has and the entire value of your potential tower location compared to that cellular phone carrier.