Rope Stanchions Revolutionized Retail & Commercial Environments

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Are you looking to effectively guide the public and control them in your retail or commercial environment? You must then consider using rope stanchions and post. There are five different posts with velvet ropes in three colors to choose from. You may either configure them in sets or buy each item individually.

Each set includes (2) posts and (1) rope. Having the option of buying each component separately allows you to mix and match your posts and ropes to best suit your desired location.

Alphacrowdcontrol offers two tulip-top designs, two flat-top designs, and one classic ball-top post. The tulip-top stanchion posts are available in 2 styles. The first one is polished with chrome tulip top and made up of matte black base. The other one is completely finished in polished chrome. Flat-top stanchion posts are available in either a polished chrome or a matte black finish. Lastly, the ball-top post is finished in polished brass.

Three velvet ropes configure with the posts; black, blue or red. Both the black & blue ropes feature polished chrome accents to match any of the flat-top or tulip-top posts. The red rope looks best with either the black flat-top post, or the brass ball-top post. You may get some more information about it online.