Scented Candles – Why Soy Wax is best

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Scented candles have become a growing interior decor item that almost every home now has dotted around. I could well understand the interest; in the end I operate a scented candle company.

Why endure the smell of dogs and cats, cooking or cigarette when you’re able to enjoy remote fragrances like coconut air flow, mimosa & mandarin or even mango & papaya smoothie!

The number of fragrances on the market is baffling. This however is an extremely personal choice. For example I really like Vanilla scents, my partner dislike them. If you want more information about the Soy wax candles, then check out online resources.

Both of us love berries scents such as Lime Chiller and Berries Cocktail. Amazing candle scents are also becoming extremely popular such as cinnamon, coconut and even tomato!

Candles are also available in a complete variety of unconventional fragrances. They are less usually associated with candles you need to include fresh espresso, fresh breads, licorice, and banana nut loaf of bread and tomato vine (to mention but a few). These incredible fragrances have become increasingly more popular.

My personal choice is perfect for soy wax. That is created from soy coffee beans that are smashed. The resulting olive oil is manufactured into a good in an identical process to making margarine.