Should I buy an Aluminum Trailers or a Steel Trailer?

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Trailer manufacturing companies either use steel or aluminum to make trailers. There are advantages and disadvantages of both types of trailers. Steel ones tend to accumulate rust over a period of a few years and aluminum trailers may not be able to sustain a lot of weight.

Below are a few things that can help you in deciding which one you should go with.

1. Strength

Steel is one of the strongest and toughest alloys. It is essential that equipment like trailers should be made from material that can withstand a lot of weight and stress especially for long distance transportation. On the other hand, trailers made from aluminum may not be able to withstand a lot of weight for a long journey.

2. Maintenance and repairs

It is relatively easier and cheaper to repair trailers made from steel than those made from aluminum. But the main disadvantage of steel trailer is they tend to get rusted easily. Unlike steel, aluminum trailers do not rust easily but they need frequent lubrication on latches and hinges. To thoroughly clean the exterior of aluminum trailers, you may have to give it an acid bath every now and then

3. Payload

When both types of trailers are compared, steel is considered better for bumpy and long transportation routes. You need to keep payload at a reasonable level so that the trailer can move easily. On other hand, aluminum trailers are lighter so they can easily carry heavy loads and have more capacity than steel ones.

Both steel and aluminum trailers have advantages and disadvantages. The one that works better for you depends on the nature of your work. You can easily get both types of cable reel trailer for sale easily in town.