The Internet and the rise of online entertainment

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The development of the Internet to the farthest corners of the world have brought a significant increase (or interference, depending on who you ask) to people's lives. Information can be accessed in seconds; goods and services that were previously unavailable now reaches the consumer without physically adjacent seller. You can find more about entertainment ways via

As a result, most businesses, even traditional big brands, has long throw their dependence on a brick-and-mortar and embraced the internet as a business platform. Thus one would conclude that the emergence of e-commerce has created a paradigm shift in the way business.

When the words "Internet" and "Business" comes, one's mind automatically bring up the E-commerce, and the purchase and sale of goods and services.

But there are other industries that have benefited from the existence of the Internet, at the same level as the E-commerce – the entertainment industry. As with consumption of tangible goods and information, people are now looking for new channels for entertainment.

Entertainment does not mean that watching TV or have demonstrated successful life from the internet, but it is a game everyone's mind from where getting people entertained some like to read books. Some use social media; some do business with many money saving tricks, some like to do all the everyday things by saving time keep them entertained.