Things to See on Your Holidays in Israel

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Israel is a country filled with beaches and beautiful sights not to be missed. When tourists visit this small country, they are in for a lovely surprise. If you are looking for the Israel tour guides, then you can opt for Michael Tours.

It is a country filled with traditions and culture, so rich and not available anywhere else in the world. A country that ranks on top of the list when talking about a place that works towards human development, Israel has a lot to offer to this world.

Most tourists visiting Israel want to visit the Black Sea. A famous tourist attraction in the world is well worth a visit during your holiday in Israel. The sea water is filled with minerals, and there seems to be 10% more oxygen here than elsewhere.

The capital of Israel, Tel Aviv is a booming business and industry developed. This city has its share of long stretches of beach, bars and restaurants that will enchant every visitor to this beautiful land.

Most of the people who live here have migrated from other parts of the world, and so it is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. Take a trip to the Diaspora museum, which will educate the tourists about Jewish culture while in exile; or to the Museum of Art to learn more about this interesting place.